Google Pixel 6: Here is What is Coming

We waited a long time for Google Pixel 5, which marked the return for Google’s flagships. Google Pixel 5 came and left Pixel 4 way behind by delivering a well-rounded and affordable and flagship phone. Now the heat of Pixel 5 dying down, we all have our eyes set up on the next upcoming flagship, Google Pixel 6.

Google Pixel 6

We have discussed the credible rumor that we have dug up few things for the next flagship in the Pixel line. So, let’s jump into action and address a few of those things that are coming with the Google Pixel 6 flagship.

The Release Date and Name:

After the First, Pixel was released in 2016, and since then, Google has changed its naming strategy. After also released and introduced the first “a” series device with their launch of Pixel 3a. They start with the numbers from day 1, and they haven’t stopped since then. So, we think the next-in-line Google Pixel 6 will be named the same, and we don’t think the names are changing soon.

But there are other pretty significant areas where the phone is changing the processor and several other wild revamp which will make your mind go boom. Now talking about the release date, we will just guess it as Google releases every phone in the fall. We think we will get the next Google Pixel 6 in the fall, which may be in October.

Design of Google Pixel 6:

There have been Google Pixel 6 photo leaks recently. The Google Pixel 6 line will be coming first, and you must be wondering why we are saying that because we think a Pro model is in the works too.

With leaked photos, you can see that Google has rendered the look of the Pixel series. The whole look of the phone is completely changed, and you can see a camera bump to the display and cut out seeing changes.

The Vanilla model is designed to be a flat display, a smaller body, and you can minus the camera lens.

The Specs of Google Pixel 6:

Google has never focused on their Raw specs. As far as we know, we can assume that the Google Pixel 6 won’t be having the best specs. But this doesn’t mean the phone will be weak or have bad specs. It just means that they will not be of the highest quality or competing with some of the best high-budget phones out there in the market.

The biggest rumor we have heard about the Google Pixel 6 is that it includes a new custom chipset which is codenamed as “Whitechapel.”

This chipset will be custom-made by Google and Samsung and will be unique to Pixel 6. But sadly, this is all we have got for you, and keep posted because new bigger, and better things are coming your way.

Google Pixel 6 Camera:

We only heard the rumor that the new Vanilla model will two rear lenses, and the latter release Pro model will have three. We still don’t have a follow-up on what kind of lenses those will be. But if we have to guess, the Google Pixel 6 Pro is almost certainly a periscope telephoto.

Now we can tell you that the two lenses are the ultra-wide lens and the main sensor. Those two lenses would likely transfer to the vanilla model.


We know that you are waiting for the Google Pixel to drop and also searching the internet for the stuff. So, here are were with our knowledge that we gathered with a rumor on the Google Pixel 6, and you can read all about it here. We are sure it is going to be a blast.

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